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Delivery and Storage

Honest - Hardworking -  Trustworthy

Fort Myers, FL Pickup / Delivery Services

Jordan's Moving offers pickup and delivery services to the Fort Myers, FL area. We offer everything from home improvement and consignment store pickup and delivery services to appliance pickups and furniture deliveries. We specialize in getting your products and goods there on time and on budget. Trust us today with all of your pickups and deliveries. We pride ourselves in our fast and friendly service.

Our Pickup / Delivery Services Include:

  •     Home improvement store pickup / delivery service
  •     Craig’s List pickup / delivery service
  •     Furniture store pickup / delivery service
  •     Appliance pickup / delivery service
  •     Electronics pickup / delivery service
  •     Consignment shop pickup / delivery service
  •     Golf cart transport service

We are licensed and insured for your protection.

Light Freight Shipping  

We offer light freight shipping all throughout the United States.  We ship any of your belogings new or used from your furniture, personal items, instruments and appliances. They can be shipped to your personal home, vacation home or as a gift for friends or family.  We offer pickup services for your convenience. We pack all times for safe traveling and use tope of the line fright liners.


We also provide full house content packing. We do everything from fine china to your bulky garage items.  Everything is fully protected and labeled accordingly for your convenience so your unpacking is a breeze. We sell all materials for packing.

Our Core Principles